Past Productions List

This table lists our past productions over the years. Click on the name of a production to see details.

2017"Self-Help by Dummiez""My Three Angels"
2016"Hamish""Frozen Dreams"
2015"The Perils of Persephone""Sleeping Beauty"
2014"Skin Flick"One Act Plays: "Paper Trail" and "Augustus Does His Bit"
2013"Having Hope at Home""Buttonholes in Silk", part of the EODL One Act Play Festival.
2012"The Affections of May""Jack and The Beanstalk"
2011"The Farm Show""This Is a Play"
2010"Veronica's Room" and
"See How They Run"
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of "A Christmas Carol"
2009"Inherit The Wind""See How They Run"
2008"Unity 1918""The Donahue Sisters"
2007"The Rainmaker" and
"William Merrick's Dam"
"Self-Help" and
"Naan Bread"
2006"Sing On" and
"The Long Weekend"
"The Canterville Ghost" and
"The Turn of the Screw"
2005"Moon Over Buffalo" and
"First Man on The Rideau"
"Mere Mortals" and
2004"The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man In-The-Moon Marigolds""Parallel Lives" and
"A Christmas Carol"
2003"The Glass Menagerie""Wildwood Park" and
"Mail Order Annie"
2002"Harvey""Nothing In Common" and
"Ethan Claymore"
2001"Bea's Niece" and
"The Black Bonspeil of Wullie MacCrimmon"
"The Lover"
2000"Lend Me a Tenor""The Terrible False Deception"
and "Murder By The Book"
1999"Sinners""Waiting For The Parade"
1998"Wait Until Dark""Bridal Terrorism"
1997"Out Of Sight ... Out Of Murder" and
"Rocky The Real Red Tug Boat"
"Blithe Spirit" and
1996"Stalag 17",
"Our Town" and
"15 Minute Hamlet"
"To Grandmother's House We Go" and
"The Supreme Puppeteer"
1995"Cup Final",
"The Importance of Being Earnest" and
"Baldoon and the Blockhouse"
"My Giddy Aunt"
1994"It Runs In The Family" and
"Algernon Does His Bit"
"The Hollow"
1993"The Field""The Whole Truth"
1992"Arsenic and Old Lace""Play On"
1991"I'll Be Back Before Midnight""Bedroom Farce"
1990"Run For Your Wife""A Thousand Clowns"
1989"The Tomorrow Box"No production
1988"The Odd Couple""Barefoot In The Park"
1987"The Mousetrap"No production
1986"Our Town""Pool's Paradise"
1985"The Paisley Convertible""Now Departing"
1984"Picnic On The Battlefield" and
"The Sandbox"
"Picnic On The Battlefield"
1983"The Saturday Evening Ghost""The Heiress"
1982"Ten Lost Years""See How They Run" and
"Three Little Pigs"
1981"Shay""Change Partners and Dance"
"No Snakes In This Grass" and
"Cleaning House"
"Dutch Treat",
"When God Comes To Breakfast You Don't Burn The Toast" and
"Just A Little Something For Christmas"
1979"Cobbler Stick To Thy Last", "Heroes", "The Raft" and "Passion, Poison and Petrifaction""Blithe Spirit"
1978"The Farm Show""The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man In-The-Moon Marigolds" and "Mardon House Christmas"
1977"Overlaid", "Cornered", "The Prize Play" and "The Street Of Good Friends""Ed Opus Rex" and "Black Comedy"
1976No Production"Our Town"
1975No Production"Curse You Jack Dalton", "A Resounding Tinkle" and "Save Me A Place At Forest Lawn"

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