Jack and the Beanstalk


The 2012 Fall Production was a pantomime of Jack and The Beanstalk, written by Bob Heather.

Directed by Maureen Overy

Choreography by Claudia Dennison

Musical Direction by Marcia Phillips


Jack BeanLaura Yates
Granny BeanVic Suthren
JasperTimothy Malloy
FetchCarol Côté
CarrySally Malloy
Squire Harry CoeHeddy Sorour
Old Crone/Princess LimaVal Hartry
Giant Hugh MungusScott "Animal" Hutchinson
Mrs. MungusConnie Coleman
King Kidneybean IVMartinGreen
Daisy the CowMadeleine Hale
First HeraldKeith Stanton
Second HeraldPaul Simonyi
King's AttendantBob Stanley

The Chorus

Kym Chambers, MacKenzie Chambers, Sheila Cook, Martin Green, Paul Simonyi, Bob Stanley, Keith Stanton, Tanya Van Eyk.


Marcia Phillips and Gary Roberts.

Intermission Music: Sam Catton, Mimi Churma, Nick Giroux, Doug Hendry, Gloria Stowell.

Photos by John Chambers.