Awards By Year

*Full-Length Festival. ** Theatre Ontario Festival

MR – Major role SM- Stage Manager

1979 Ellen GelinasBest Use of Speech: ‘Blithe Spirit’*
1981 Shirley MolloyActing in a MR: ‘Shay’**
1981 1982 2003 Timothy MolloyActing in a MR: ‘Shay’** ‘Ten Lost Years’* 2003 Ensemble: ‘Mere Mortals’
1981 1982 Arnold ConnertyDirecting: ‘Shay’* and ‘Ten Lost Years’*
1982 2002 Joan SonnenburgActing in a MR: ‘Ten Lost Years’ * 200 Directing: ‘Nothing in Common’
1984 Bradley SmithActing: ‘Picnic on the Battlefield’
1993 2013 2014 Alyson ReidActing: ‘The Whole Truth’ ‘Buttonholes in Silk’ and ‘Paper Trail’
1993 2002 2013 Margaret ShearmanFestival SM: 2002 0utstanding Comedic Ability: ‘Harvey’* 2013 Visual: ‘B in S’
1997 Anne BarrFirst time Director: ‘Trifles’
1997 1998 2001 2002 Mary Kate LaphenCostumes: ‘Trifles’ ‘Bridal Terrorism’ ‘The Lover’ and ‘Harvey’*
1998 2002 Elaine RichardsCostumes: ‘Bridal Terrorism’ and ‘Harvey’*
2000 2001 2002 Heddy Sorour (Roberts)Acting: ‘The Terrible False Deception’ ‘The Lover’ and ‘Nothing in Common’
2001 2002 Raymond Compton (-Brown)Acting: ‘ The Lover’ and ‘Wildwood Park’
2001 2002 2008 2011 2013 Andrea HowardVisual: 2001 2008 2011* 2013* and 2002 Cameo: ‘Harvey’*
2002 Kaven Baker-VoakesOutstanding Student Contribution: ‘Harvey’*
2002 Emily JacksonOutstanding Student Contribution: ‘Harvey’*
2002 Will JenkinsBest use of Speech: ‘Harvey’*
2002 Barbara JoyntActing in a Supporting Role: ‘Harvey’*
2002 Sarah Odynski-McNaughtonOutstanding Student Contribution: ‘Nothing in Common’
2003 2008 Annette Huton (Cole)Acting: ‘Wildwood Park’ 2008 Music and Vocal Moments: ‘Donahue Sisters’
2004 2008 Bill AtkinCameo: ‘Parallel Lives’ and 2008 Visual: ‘The Donahue Sisters’
2005 Al BillialdEnsemble: ‘Mere Mortals’
2005 Brian FitzpatrickEnsemble: ‘Mere Mortals’
2005 Erin FosterCameo Performance: ‘Moon Over Buffalo’*
2006 2013 Isobel EastmanActing: ‘Moon Over Buffalo’* and ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
2006 Hannah BonnevilleAdjudicator’s Award for Portrayal of Twins: ‘The Canterville Ghost’
2006 Mark SimonyiSound Design: ‘Turn of the Screw’ and ‘The Canterville Ghost’
2006 Laura YatesAdjudicator’s Award for Portrayal of Twins: ‘The Canterville Ghost’
2007 Deb FortinSet Design and Set Construction in particular the Tack Room: ‘The Rainmaker’*
2007 Doug PhillipsOriginal Script: ‘Naan Bread’
2007 Enya PhillipsOutstanding Student Contribution: ‘Naan Bread’
2008 Connie ColemanAdjudicator’s Award for Music & Vocal Moments: ‘The Donahue Sisters’
2008 Sheila CookAdjudicator’s Award for Music & Vocal Moments: ‘The Donahue Sisters’
2008 2014 Maureen OveryBest Visual: ‘The Donahue Sisters’ and 2014 Costumes: ‘Paper Trail’
2011 Kendrick de LepperLights: ‘The Farm Show’*
2011 2013 Rod FournierVisual: ‘The Farm Show’* and ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
2011 Nancy HarrisCostumes: ‘The Farm Show’*
2011 Rich HutonLights: ‘The Farm Show’*
2011 2014 Ann Hartry (MacLaughlan)Acting: ‘This is a Play’ and 2014 Costumes: ‘Paper Trail’
2011 2013 Gillian MordenArtistic Set Painting and Visual: ‘The Farm Show’* and ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
2011 Gerard PhillipsActing: ‘The Farm Show’*
2011 2013 Marcia PhillipsMusic: ‘The Farm Show’* and ‘Having Hope at Home’**
2011 2013 Gary RobertsMusic: ‘The Farm Show’* and ‘Having Hope at Home’**
2011 Peter SutterlinMusic: ‘The Farm Show’*
2013 Ebru EkmanolEnsemble: ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
2013 Amber AndersonActing: ‘Having Hope at Home’**
2013 Peter CrateActing: ‘Having Hope at Home’**
2013 2016 Keith StantonProperties: ‘Having Hope at Home’** and 2016 Cameo: ‘Frozen Dreams’*
2013 Helen SteenburghProperties: ‘Having Hope at Home’**