Awards by Name of Winner

*Full-Length Festival. ** Theatre Ontario Festival

MR – Major role SM- Stage Manager

Akmanol, Ebru2013 Ensemble: ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
Anderson, Amber2013 Acting: ‘Having Hope at Home’**
Atkin, Bill2004 Cameo: ‘Parallel Lives’ and 2008 Visual: ‘The Donahue Sisters’
Baker-Voakes, Kaven2002 Student Contribution, Stage Manager: ‘Harvey’*
Barr, Anne1997 First time Director: ‘Trifles’
Billiald, Al2005 Ensemble: ‘Mere Mortals’
Bonneville, Hannah2006 Adjudicator’s Award for Portrayal of Twins: ‘The Canterville Ghost’
Coleman, Connie2008 Adjudicator’s Award for Music and Vocal Moments: ‘The Donahue Sisters’
Compton, Raymond (-Brown)2001 Acting: ‘The Lover’ and 2003 ‘Wildwood Park’
Connerty, Arnold1981 Directing: ‘Shay’** and 1982 ‘Ten Lost Years’*
Cook, Sheila2008 Adjudicator’s Award for Music and Vocal Moments: ‘The Donahue Sisters ‘
Crate, Peter2013 Acting: ‘Having Hope at Home’**
DeLepper, Kendrick2011 Lighting: ‘The Farm Show’*
Eastman, Isobel2006 Acting: ‘Moon Over Buffalo’* and 2013 ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
Fitzpatrick, Brian2005 Ensemble: ‘Mere Mortals’
Fortin, Deb2007 Adjudicator’s Award for Set design and Construction: ‘The Rainmaker’*
Foster, Erin2005 Cameo Performance: ‘Moon Over Buffalo’*
Fournier, Rod2011 Visual: ‘The Farm Show’* and 2013 ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
Gelinas, Ellen1979 Best Use of Speech: ‘Blithe Spirit’*
Harris, Nancy2011 Costumes: ‘The Farm Show’*
Hartry, Ann (MacLaughlan)2011 Acting: ‘This is a Play’ and 2014 Costumes: ‘Paper Trail’
Howard, Andrea2001 2008 2011* 2013* Visual: and 2002 Cameo: ‘Harvey’*
Huton, Rich2011 Lighting: ‘The Farm Show’*
Huton, Annette (Cole)2003 Acting: ‘Wildwood Park’ and 2008 Adjudicator’s Award ‘The Donahue Sisters’
Jackson, Emily2002 Student Contribution, Properties: ‘Harvey’*
Jenkins, Will2002 Best Use of Speech: ‘Harvey’*
Joynt, Barbara2002 Acting in a Supporting Role: ‘Harvey’*
Laphen, Mary Kate1997 1998 2001 2002 Costumes:
Molloy, Shirley1981 Acting in a Major Role: ‘Shay’
Molloy, Timothy1981 Acting in a MR: ‘Shay’* 1982 ‘Ten Lost Years’* 2005 Ensemble: ‘Mere Mortals’
Morden, Gillian2011 Artistic Set painting: ‘The Farm Show’*and 2013 ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
Odynski-McNaughton, Sarah2002 Student Contribution Acting: ‘Nothing in Common’
Overy, Maureen2008 Visual: ‘The Donahue Sisters’ and 2014 Costumes: ‘Paper Trail’
Phillips, Doug2007 Original Script: ‘Naan Bread’
Phillips, Enya2007 Student Contribution Acting: ‘Naan Bread’
Phillips, Gerard2011 Acting: Tour de Force in ‘The Farm Show’*
Phillips, Marcia2011 Music: ‘The Farm Show’* and 2013 ‘Having Hope at Home’**
Reid, Alyson1993 Acting: ‘The Whole Truth’ & 2014 ‘Paper Trail’ 2013 Ensemble: ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
Richards, Elaine1998 Costumes: ‘Bridal Terrorism’ and 2002 ‘Harvey’*
Roberts, Gary2011 Music: ‘The Farm Show’* and 2013 ‘Having Hope at Home’**
Shearman, Margaret1993 Festival SM: 2002 Comedic Ability: ‘Harvey’* 2013 Visual: ‘Buttonholes in Silk’
Simonyi, Mark2006 Sound Design: ‘Turn of the Screw’ and ‘The Canterville Ghost’
Smith, Bradley1984 Acting: ‘Picnic on the Battlefield’
Sonnenburg, Joan1982 Acting in a MR: ‘Ten Lost Years’* 2002 Directing: ‘Nothing in Common’
Sorour, Heddy (Roberts)2001 Acting: ‘The Lover’ and 2002 ‘Nothing in Common’
Stanton, Keith2013 Properties: ‘Having Hope at Home’** 2017 Cameo: ‘Frozen Dreams’*
Steenburg, Helen2013 Properties: ‘Having Hope at Home’**
Sutterlin, Paul2011 Music: ‘The Farm Show’*
Yates, Laura2006 Adjudicator’s Award for Portrayal of Twins: ‘The Canterville Ghost’